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Wood & Composite Plantation Shutters, Bend, Oregon

At The Blind King, we specialize in luxurious custom wood and composite window shutters for any window or home. All of our plantation shutters are warrantied to last a lifetime, with almost no maintenance required. These shutters are the highest rated in the industry against fading, chipping, cracking, and warping.

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Nothing in the window covering industry is as elegant and beautiful as a hand-crafted plantation shutter. Among other leading companies, The Blind King offers award-winning composite and premium wood shutters by Norman Window Fashions. These shutters coordinate seamlessly with our full line of blinds, creating an opportunity for you to blend shutters and blinds in the same room, joining rooms or even in opposite sides of your house, without sacrificing design. Having had experience with almost all brands of interior window shutters in the industry, we can say with confidence that these are the best interior shutters out there, with some of the most advanced features and warranties you’ll ever find.

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In the window coverings world, plantation shutters are class personified. The perfect option for that added 'wow factor'. 

Also often called plantation blinds, plantation shutters are popular window treatments. They got their name from the grand houses built on South America's cotton plantations. The main distinguishing characteristic of plantation shutters is their wide louvres. A louvre is a form of construction involving a horizontal arrangement of materials. In plantation shutters, these materials are often blades or slats of wood, glass, or metal. Each blade or slat varies in width depending on the blade size you choose. Before, people installed plantation shutter blinds outside their windows (external shutters). But today, you can install these as inside window shutters (internal shutters). They can also either be movable (adjustable) or fixed window treatments. The Blind King offers them in 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5" louvre sizes.

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If you would like to invest in a timeless window covering that will add value to your new home look no further than the plantation shutter. Or if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, just like, upgrading windows and countertops, adding plantation shutters will instantly increase the value of your home. Plantation shutters are classic and are liked by most buyers. They’re also custom-made, which means they’ll remain with the home once sold. Unlike off-the-shelf purchases, plantation shutters offer more precise. They can be tailored to fit almost any window space, from massive bay windows to small portholes, and from sharp angles to smooth, circular designs.

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