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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades, Bend, Oregon

Also known as “matchstick” or “bamboo shades”, woven wood shades abound with texture and natural tones, adding depth and character to any room. Woven wood shades are pleasant, rich in tone, and simple to operate.


Add warmth and natural beauty to any room. Woven wood shades are made by skilled craftsmen. They are rich in texture and are designed with amazing details with many finishing touch options to choose from. Multiple valance options, independent operable fabric linings, and sewn on edge binding for added durability and longevity.

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Here at The Blind King, we offer an extensive line of natural, intricate woven wood shades. If you'd like to have more see-thru ability, choose a looser weave. Want more privacy? Consider a tighter weave or even attach a liner to the back for complete privacy and room darkening capabilities.

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Woven Wood Shades: Services
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