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What Blinds Are Right For You?

There are many choices and things to consider when deciding what type of window coverings to put in your home. These considerations range from aesthetic beauty to energy efficiency and all points in between. In this blog post, we will explore your options and weigh the cost/benefit of each style to help you get a solid idea of what is the best fit for your home.

1: Honeycomb Shades. Honeycomb shades (or cellular shades, as they are sometimes called) are a pleated fabric shade that raises and extends like an accordian. Coming in a wide assortment of colors and receiving high marks for beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency, honeycomb shades can be found in nearly every neighborhood all across the country. If privacy is high on your list then these are a great option. They are available with a feature allowing you to raise the top or lower the bottom to secure privacy while still allowing light from the outside. If you are continually bothered by sunlight in the early morning hours, honeycomb shades are a wonderful solution as they are available with a blackout feature.

Score: Aesthetic value - 8 - Energy efficiency - 10 - Durabillity - 8 - Affordability - 8

2: Wood Blinds: Ranging from rich dark stains to vibrant white paints, wood blinds are a versitile option that can add both warmth and class. The natural wood grains complement a home with a more rustic feel, while the vivid whites ensure a classy look in a more contemporary style home. They are durable, though, due to the nature of natural wood, warping can take place over a long period of time (8+ years) on blinds consistently experiencing harsh sunlight. They are also not the easiest blinds to clean.

Score: Aesthetic value - 8 - Energy efficiency - 3 - Durabillity - 7 - Affordability - 8

3: Faux Wood Blinds: These blinds come in an assortment of whites and browns. The composite compisition of these blinds render them extremely durable, with no warping to be expected over their lifetime. In comparison to their natural wood counterparts, faux woods fall a little short on the beauty scale. However, the difference is minute when dealing with white paints and stains. So if white blinds are what your home needs, faux woods are a great solution as they have a similar feel to wood and are more cost efficient.

Score: Aesthetic value - 6 - Energy efficiency - 3 - Durabillity - 9 - Affordability - 10

4: Roller Shades. Roller shades are rapidly increasing in popularity, and for good reason. Achieving high scores for aesthetic value, functionality, durablity, and energy efficiency, these shades are changing the way people decorate. With the rise of the 'modern home', a sort of niche has been created that roller shades fill beautifully. They provide clean, classy vibes to a contemporary home like no other shade on the market. They also are ideal for office spaces and commercial buildings.

Score: Aesthetic value - 8 - Energy efficiency - 9 - Durabillity - 10 - Affordability - 8

5: Roman Shades/Woven Woods: These shades operate in the same manner. When lifted they raise into multiple beautiful folds. Roman shades are made out of fabric while woven woods are composed of complex reeds, grasses, and bamboo with an endless amount of textures and colors available. Romans deliver an elegant beauty to any abode while wovens add a unique, natural, and warm flare unlike any other shade on the market.

Score: Aesthetic value - 10 - Energy efficiency - 9 - Durabillity - 8 - Affordability - 7

6: Sheer Shades: Sheer shades embody elegance. Horizontal fabric vanes suspend between soft sheer fabric to create this unique look. They provide an unparelelled soft, graceful charm to any room.

Score: Aesthetic value - 10 - Energy efficiency - 6 - Durabillity - 7 - Affordability - 5

7: Shutters: Shutters are the highest end window covering on the market. They add more value to a home than any other. They are also the only window covering that can be financed into the aquisition of a home.

Score: Aesthetic value - 10 - Energy efficiency - 9 - Durabillity - 9 - Affordability - 5

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